American Longhair.. A cat breed that consisted of the American Shorthair and the Persian cat

The homeland of this cat is America, where scientific sources indicate that it is the result of repeated and selected domestication among breeds of domesticated cats.

It is characterized by the softness of its body, which gives the impression that it is a bundle of rags, hence the name, which means the rag toy.

Its head is round with a short nose and flat cheeks, its eyes are slanted blue, and its tail is thickly covered with thick fur of brown and blue color.

The American short-haired cat is known to be among the types of cats that live long due to its strong immunity

He is always calm and friendly, known for his great curiosity which shows in his strong desire to discover and try new things

It is a Native American cat of a very pure breed, the color of the plaque like the tiger is among the common colors of this species

He appears frequently in advertisements and films, and this has earned him wide fame

The American short-haired cat ranges in size from medium to large and carries short and thick fur, as well as strong and does not shed as easily as long-haired cats, and does not require daily combing.

He has large, wide eyes that feature prominently on his round head
What distinguishes him is his activity, strength and great curiosity.

Children and other animals:
This cat is very funny and there is nothing I like for children more than fun, so it can establish a strong friendship with the children who live with it

He will get on well with dogs that are friendly to cats and will not have any problems with them, he is a good hunter but can leave birds and small animals if introduced to him at an early age

Appreciates and respects children who treat him politely and take care of him
His curiosity is a good quality that children love very much