Cat food and how to play with them

cats food:
The cat can be accustomed to eating more than one type of food, and it is preferable to diversify its food between domestic food, which will test the extent of its love for each type separately with experience, as well as canned and dry food that is sold in stores within the foods designated for animals.

Milk is also one of the foods that cats like very much. As for my personal experience, I only like boiled eggs and bananas, so I don't mind trying these foods as well.

Meat can be served to the cat taking care that it is clean, free of bone and edible, and it can be served cooked, grilled or even boiled, taking care not to serve raw meat because it infects it with diseases and makes it more aggressive and fierce.

It is preferable to feed the liver to cats, but the best types of foods that can be offered to them are white meat, such as chicken, rabbits and fish, and milk and its derivatives are very important to supply cats with calcium, especially if they suffer from indigestion.

It should be taken into account not to force cats to eat any type of food, with attention to what they want to eat as well.

The food provided to the cat varies according to its activity, age and health condition, and the doctor can be consulted in the quantities and quality provided to it, taking care to provide water to it constantly and making sure to fill the water bowl whenever it runs out.

Cats need in their food an amino acid known as taurine, an acid that helps in ensuring the color of their eyes, the health of their eyes, and the health of their heart.

How to play with cats:
You can play with her in more than one way, taking care not to harass her or pressure her by playing with her against her will. Among these methods are:

- Cats love to put your hand on their head or on their forehead and wipe them, this movement is one of their best favorite movements.

- Massage the back while avoiding massaging the abdomen because it is an area that cats feel uncomfortable when touched or pressured.

- Massaging the neck or cheek while wiping it is also popular with many cats.

- Cats can get used to being the only ones in the house and love to play and can entertain themselves and also love to play with young children at home.

- Cats prefer playing with wool and balls, as well as anything that can form a fantasy on the walls, such as lasers.