Diseases affecting cats and their treatment - Mating and pregnancy in cats

Diseases affecting cats and their treatment:
Just like humans, cats can get many diseases such as: fever, sneezing, in which it is noticed that the cat releases a lot of secretions from the nose and eyes.

It is very necessary to vaccinate cats and immunize them from diseases in the 8th or 9th week of their life, also the periodic visit to the veterinarian in order to check on them is very important.

Among the most important vaccinations that cats must be subjected to are: rabies, cassava viruses, pancytopenia, viral tracheobronchitis, and these vaccinations are taken at intervals ranging from the age of 4 weeks to the age of 16 weeks.

There are other, but not major, vaccinations such as: cat contagious peritonitis, Bordetella, chlamydial, and leukemia in the case of old cats.

The digestive system of cats is very weak and sensitive and they can get a lot of digestive diseases. So when you notice any symptoms on the cat such as vomiting or even diarrhea, you must rush to the doctor, as cats can catch a cold just like humans.

There are serious diseases that cats also get, such as: infectious enteritis, a disease caused by a very, very dangerous virus that can lead to the cat's death, and it is very prevalent and infects it easily if it is not taken care of well.

Mating and pregnancy:
Cats, even if they can live apart from the rest of their sex, desire to marry every certain period, and they usually become depressed when they desire this, and many infer the date of mating through the appearance of sadness and introversion.

Mating in male cats takes place at a greater time than females, for example, males want to marry at the age of 8 months, while females prefer not to marry them before their first year, it is possible that carrying a cat at a young age can lead to death.

The desire to mate in male cats stems from roaming in search of females, and they prefer to do marriage every time they get one.

The female cat reaches puberty and marriage according to its type, and there are types that need marriage at the age of 5: 6 months, for example, Asian cats with short hair need marriage during this period. While Persian cats, Himalayan cats and other breeds that are characterized by long hair reach the age of marriage in the 10th: 12th month.

Short-haired cats reach their climax at the eighth month, while long-haired cats reach their climax after their first year.

Mating takes place more in certain seasons and seasons of the year, and the most popular of these months are: February, March, July, and January.

The gestation period of a cat is 63 days, and a cat is one of the animals that gives birth to more than one newborn at a time, and the number of cats born at one time is between 3: 8 cats, but often not all cats born live, only some of them survive.

At birth, the cat prefers to give birth in a dark and safe place, and this desire must be respected, and a similar place must be provided for this when the time of her birth approaches, such as a box or a small carton, and it is important that it is clean, warm and accommodates her and the young.

After birth, the cat can clean the young on its own, and as we mentioned, it is preferable not to separate the young from it before 50 days have passed.