Eye surgery “GONIOIMPLANTATION” in cats and its motives

Eye surgery “Gonioimplantation” in cats aims to remove the fluid accumulated in the eye caused by glaucoma.

Glaucoma is used to describe an injury to the eye with excessive pressure, which affects the function of the eye.

Leaving excessive pressure in the eye for cats can affect the function of the eye completely, leading to complete blindness.

This process requires placing the cat under general anesthesia, and it is a very delicate process that requires an equipped veterinary clinic and an expert veterinary ophthalmologist.

A tube-like device called a gonio implant is inserted into the cat's eye to drain the aqueous fluid from the eye.

The doctor will try to drain the eye fluid while keeping the eye moist and the cat's visual ability intact.

Gonioimplantation is used in cats when your cat shows some changes in the shape of the eye and other symptoms such as eye discharge.

Gonioimplantation procedures in cats:

- Initially, eye pressure is measured before starting the operation.
- The cat will receive intravenous fluids prior to the surgery.

- Through the positive results of urine and blood tests, the doctor makes sure of the cat's ability to tolerate general anesthesia.

- Your vet will also recommend that you give your cat antibiotics for eye infections that can infect the cat.

- The cat will be given sedatives and pain relievers before being sedated.
- The cat will be placed in a lying position with the oxygen tube connected.

- The performance of the devices in the cat's body must be monitored during the operation.
- The upper eyelid cilia will be cut with surgical scissors.

- It will also cleanse the conjunctival sac.
- The doctor will extend the incision down into the sclera to create a subconjunctival pocket.

- This pocket is filled with saline and disinfectant.
- The doctor will empty the accumulated fluid and correct the eye positions to relieve pressure.

- It is necessary to adhere to cleansing all the time during the operation because the eye is a very sensitive and delicate place.

Eye surgery “Gonioimplantation” for cats has proven highly effective in many cases.

Its benefits and results are very effective and immediate.

Unfortunately, it may be repeated again a year after surgery as a result of the formation of scar tissue again in the cat's eye.

After the scientific.. Follow these instructions:

Eye surgery “Gonioimplantation” for cats is followed by some steps that enhance and support its success and you must adhere to them well:

- Wear a surgical collar to prevent the cat from scratching or touching its eye.
- Continuing to maintain antibiotics and eye drops.
- As well as the use of anti-glaucoma drugs.

Regular visits to the veterinary clinic to detect infections early and deal with them immediately and quickly.