Facts about the Ocicat.. looks like a wild cat

The Ocicat is not a purebred cat, but rather a man-made breed, which was produced by mating the Siamese cat with the Abyssinian cat in the United States of America in 1964.

The resulting cat was married to an American short-haired cat for the purpose of improving its offspring.

The Ocicat is known for having a graceful body and very strong muscles. This strength makes him active all the time, especially at night. He loves to play and share toys with children and his friendly cats.

It is known as silver and chocolate and is the most common spotted color in this species, has short and very soft fur, large ears and wide eyes compared to the size of its small head.

Ossi is very affectionate, and he inherited this trait from his ancestors, as he inherited other traits such as the love of his companion and his attachment to him a lot.

Ocicat is self-confident and not shy even with strangers, if he gets angry he is hard to please, but don't worry he can forgive you if he loves you

Children and other animals:
The Ocicat is a fun and cute cat that is perfectly suitable for living with families with children

He is intelligent and can deal kindly with them, and he can also have a good relationship with cat-friendly cats and various pets, only animals must be introduced to each other under observation, the Ossie does not like to be left alone so do not delay him too much.

Facts about the Ocicat:
1- Looks like a wild cat:
The Ocicat is very similar in appearance to wild cats, as it has short and thick hair that is spotted as a tiger's coat, and it is a breed resulting from the union of the American cat with the Siamese Abyssinian, and it is considered one of the distinguished cats that cat breeders love to have.

2- Spotted Coat:
Ocicat have a golden-brown spotted coat, just like tigers, making them on the list of distinctive cats around the world, and it is a short coat that does not require excessive care like other cats that have long and thick hair.

3- colored eyes:
Ocicat also have colorful almond eyes, and they are available in all colors except for blue, which is also among their wonderful physical features and traits that make them attractive in the eyes of cat breeders and push them to want them, especially if they are primarily aiming to get beautiful cats.

4- Multiple colors:
There are many colors available for the Aussie cat breed besides the golden spotted brown. There are spotted lavender, honey, cinnamon, chocolate, ebony and silver, blue and silver, and its colorful lines abound in the tail and face logic, and it can be clearly observed.
It is one of the unique cats with its colors and will suit all tastes of cat lovers.

5- Social breed:
In addition to being a beautiful breed and has many distinctive features, it is also a social breed that tends to play and have fun with the people around it, especially if it has become accustomed to or familiar with it and gets the care and attention it needs, it becomes a loyal friend and quick response to them.

6- Long cats:
Ocicat are one of the breeds that have a long and graceful body that qualifies them to launch flexibly and run for long distances, a length commensurate with their weight and size, as they are thin and light in their movement, and they can participate in many activities for cats that need this flexibility as a condition for completion.
You may notice that oesy cats are very active, but they are generally not violent or aggressive towards others.

7- High intelligence:
Ocicat, in addition to their previous characteristics, also have high sensory capabilities, which make them highly intelligent, have the ability to interact and respond well with the environment around them, as well as make their breeding and training easy, unlike some breeds that tend to be lethargic or stubborn that do not provide the slightest response and always act according to their desire own.
You can notice this when you push her to participate in daily activities and games for the cats, such as the use of barriers, colored balls, and rope.