How to raise small cats

Owning a pet at home is an ambition sought by many, and cats are among the most famous of these animals that can be raised at home, but many people desire that and what prevents them is not knowing how to deal with them and how to raise them.

Raising cats is not only a luxury, many people do this as a good deed by adopting some street cats, or even as a means of raising children and accustoming them to taking responsibility.

How to raise cats:
Cat breeding involves knowing a lot of information about a cat's breeding, its food, when it will marry, and how it can be treated if it becomes ill.

cat age:
At the outset, it should be known that cats are quick-understanding animals that can learn quickly and absorb many things.

The age of the cat ranges between 13: 15 years, and it is considered a medium-aged animal, and a small percentage of it is a relatively short-lived animal, but its lifespan can reach a longer period between 18: 19 years by taking good care of it.

The right age to raise cats:
When buying or adopting a cat, if you have the choice of its age, it is preferable that the cat be raised and separated from its mother, after no less than fifty days of weaning. Before this time, it is absolutely not preferable to take the nursing cat away from the mother cat.

sleeping place:
It is preferable to allocate a place for the cat with sand, preferably Habiba sand, so that the cat can spend its needs in it, and it is also preferable to have a special bag to carry it while out.
The cat's place of residence should not be tight or muffled, so as not to be alienated from it, as it loves to play and go out.

How to raise kittens:
If the cat is young, in this case it needs more care and attention than an older cat. For example, a two-month-old cat needs a lot of warmth and heat, so we find cats at this age prefer sticking to their mother until they get heat.

If you have a small cat, it must be compensated for this heat by heating its sleeping place, and it can also be covered.

Also, a cat at a young age needs food every two hours, and a baby bottle can be used, milk can be placed in it and breast-feeding like young children, and a veterinarian can be consulted in this matter.

When the cat reaches the age of 8 weeks, it can be treated like a big cat in caring, food and other things.

Cats are fed from the age of 45 days, when they can eat normal home food, and until the cat reaches the age of two to four months, it needs larger amounts of food because it grows at this age.

The most important exercises that cats should be subjected to:
In order for the cat to be able to deal with you, you must train him step-by-step to realize a few things:

Training the cat to know his name:
The most important times in which a cat can be trained to perceive his name is when he eats his food, as the cat is at this period very alert and alert, and is directly listening to all the sounds around him.

Also, food can be used as a good means of training, by being a motivator for him. Whenever he does a good job, he is given more food and he wants to do more.

At the time of training, it is preferable to have tools that emit a sound to attract the cat's attention, such as a whistle, or any tool that rings when pressed, because they are sounds that the cat notices very quickly.

Basic method of training:
There is a usual method of training a cat, and it occurs by using a bell before serving food. Here the cat realizes that this is the time to train for something, and if you give it food without making a sound, it will not be considered a reward for training it, but a gift from you.

Training the cat to answer your call:
This training requires starting before the time of food, whether before opening the box or even pouring its contents, and the trainer rings the bell once, many repetitions will help the cat to understand that these sounds are a call from its owner, and with time he will respond to the call from the first time.

At first, the cat can be summoned from a short distance, and when it comes, it will be rewarded with food, and then it will get used to and respond to the call, even if it is from a distance.

Training the cat in the request or beggary position:
This method is very easy. A piece of food is taken and lifted up. The cat is forced to stand on the hind feet and raise its body and front feet up. After this, the bell must sound so that he understands that it is training.

With getting used to, the cat can stand in this position to ask for anything without the presence of this piece of food.