Selkirk Rex cat.. Its advantages and how to deal with it

The Selkirk Rex cat looks like a curly-haired plushie.
It is a cat with a balanced and quiet character perfectly adapted to domestic life.

The origins of the Selkirk Rex cat:
The breed appeared in 1987 in the United States: a cat with normal fur and an unknown father conceived a cat with curly hair, which was called Miss Pesto.
The kitty, adopted by Mrs. Jeri Newman (breeder in Montana), was mated to a black Persian called Photo Finish, and from this union were born six kittens, among which three were curly-haired.

To establish the breed, Miss Pesto was crossed with one of her sons: of the four offspring born from this union, three looked like "little sheep".
In the opinion of geneticists, the Selkirk gene is unique and new, it is a dominant gene: it has nothing to do with those of Devon and Cornish Rex.

The ideal cat:
The coat of the Selkirk Rex cat is curly, like the rest of its eyebrows, its whiskers and the hairs inside its ears.
There are two varieties, one with short hair and the other with long hair.

The character:
The temperament, quite similar to that of the Persian and the common cat, makes it a quiet, tolerant, lively, curious and very intelligent kitty.
These qualities make it a very good companion for humans.

This very endearing sheep cat with an atypical coat will be affectionate towards his humans.

This tomcat is well-muscled and will count on proving it to you on a daily basis.

After an expenditure of energy playing alone with small toys or running after a feather duster that is agitated in front of him, he will also know how to be calm.

The Selkirk Rex will be very good at understanding the routine of its humans and adapting accordingly.
And to have your full attention, he will quickly learn how to do it!

Fearful / wary of strangers:
Curiosity is a cat's forte, but some individuals are more curious than others.
It would be appropriate to install a hiding place or a space in height for this beautiful cat from where he can observe all the novelties. This will help him adapt better.

The sheep cat will be able to keep busy when he is alone, as well as when his humans are present, as long as he has activities that will stimulate him.

This living room cat does not have the reputation of being able to "sing".
He can still meow to see if he manages to catch the eye of his humans...and start again whenever he wants!

Greedy / gluttonous:
This beefy cat will have a good appetite so you have to watch the amount of food ingested for his well-being.

Need for exercise:
What better way to alleviate boredom than a bit of daily physical exercise! This is not going to displease the Selkirk Rex.

This feline adapts very well to living in an apartment.

The Selkirk Rex and the Dogs:
It's not easy for a cat to sympathize with another species with a different body language.
Over time, they will adapt very well to each other with a little height here and a little dog training there.

The Selkirk Rex and Other Cats:
The arrival of a new cat in the home of a Selkirk can put him in a bad mood.
In fact, he will often become stressed.
Taking the time to make formal introductions will be necessary to ensure that the first contacts are positive.

The Selkirk Rex and the Children:
As he is playful and calm at the same time, he will be able to adapt to the presence of children who know how to be responsible and attentive to the needs of their four-legged playmate.
A cat sometimes needs its own space where it does not like to be disturbed.
Learning and respecting this rule is the key to a beautiful relationship between a cat and humans, whether young or old!

The Selkirk Rex and the Elderly:
Some individuals may be calmer than others, and as they get older they all become more so.
They would then make excellent companions for calmer people.

The average purchase price of a breeding Selkirk Rex kitten is between €850 and €1300.
This price varies according to its breeder, its lineage, its age at the time of purchase or even its sex.
For the monthly budget, it will take an average of 30 € / month to meet its needs.

A light weekly brushing to remove dead hair will be enough to allow this cat's curls to keep their shape.
Certain areas such as the belly and under the legs should also be combed.
It is also advisable to check your ears and clean them with a suitable product because earwax can accumulate.
Similarly, for his eyes, cleaning with physiological saline could prove necessary, according to the recommendations of the attending veterinarian.

Hair loss:
Shedding may seem more or less important depending on whether he has a medium-long or short hair.

A quality diet is recommended to maintain good health.

Life expectancy:
Its life expectancy is between 12 and 20 years.

Resistant / robust:
The density of its fur and the presence of undercoat make it quite resistant to both cold and heat, although with greater ease of adaptation to cold.

Tendency to grow:
It is important to be vigilant about the nutritional quality and the quantity of food given in order to avoid weight gain.

Common illnesses:
The Selkirk Rex can develop the same diseases as other cats, such as oral pathologies.
But some diseases are rather due to a genetic factor linked to the breed:

- Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy results in thickening of the heart muscle.
By decompensating, this pathology can cause heart failure that can result in arrhythmias, lung edema, thrombosis of an artery, etc.
Screening is done by an echocardiography examination, which is usually repeated annually.
Treatment may be administered based on ultrasound report to improve cat comfort.

- Polycystic kidney disease is a disease resulting in the development of cysts that will prevent the normal functioning of the kidney, which will cause kidney failure that cannot heal.
Follow-up and veterinary care as well as a specialized diet can delay the pathology and improve the cat's quality of life so that it can live longer.

Females give birth on average to 3 or 4 kittens.

The LOOF authorizes the marriage with an American Shorthair, British Shorthair or British Longhair because the Selkirk Rex is still not widespread.

Good to know:
The curliness of this cat's coat will vary according to the seasons, age and also hormonal status.
Thus, it will be necessary to wait until the age of two before seeing the curls take on their adult appearance. And the vibrissae are also curly.