Ussuri cat.. Does not tolerate injury and aggression

The Ussuri cat is also known as the striped exclusive because of its special and very extravagant color.
It stands out among the breeds of a different type, because the pattern on the wool resembles a toyger. Despite this, for unknown reasons, the Ussuri did not become popular.

Plus - the territory of their habitat is limited.
The breed can be saved only in such cases, when non-self-interested breeders take Ussuri under their “wings”, or the Good Samaritan does not sponsor the whole thing.

Historical summary:
The male did not participate in the origin of the breed, it can be said that he was bred independently.
The offspring was the result of crossing domestic and wild cats.
The origin is easy to confirm, it is enough to take into account the characteristics of the animal and external features.

From the mouths of some breeders, it can be concluded that there is another theory about the origin of this breed.

Supposedly, she was bred by crossing Siberian and Amur wild cats.
However, there is no evidence of this other than that there is a powerful physique and strong character.

The first rumors about this breed began in Moscow in 1993.
The animals were brought to the exhibition directly from the Amur region.
A year later they found their standard in our country, the rest of the world does not perceive them as a full-fledged breed.

It can be said that despite the huge investments in the development of this beautiful breed, Ussuri is an endangered species.
Every year they become fewer.
It is important to know that the main distinguishing features of the animals are white whiskers.
They have no other color.

External characteristics Ussuri:
- Cats of this breed are large, powerful, with a striped back.
Some of them jokingly called a reduced version of striped tigers.
The figure has no clear boundaries, they are blurred (shaded).
The color is called ticking, that is, each hair has several shades that replace each other.

- The Ussuri breed is extremely difficult to confuse with other cats of similar species.
The thing has a proud gait, a muscular body, a confident look.
Some cats have small tassels on their ears, but this is more of an accessory than a mandatory attribute.

- The animals are famous for their neat chin of medium size and round head.
There are faint arches above the eyebrows, females are not visible in females, hardly so in males.
Ussuri has a sweet, creamy or reddish nose, characteristic stripes can be seen along its perimeter.

- Cats are famous for their developed muscular body, all in the "savagery" of the origin of the breed.
They are collected, agile, energetic, the back is not perfectly straight, but strong.
The cat is good at hunting, its hind legs are slightly longer than the front ones.

- Wild cats have white whiskers and this color does not change depending on the coat color.
Ussuri ears rounded, slightly pushed forward.
On the tail there are rings of medium size, the tail itself is slightly rounded.

- The coloring "in transition" has no clear boundaries, it seems to be blurred.
There are different types of wool, which can be blue or reddish, black and cream.
The main feature of the Ussuri are stripes on wool, sometimes - rings.
"Marriage" is the color with the letter "M" on the head or white spots, as well as paws of the same tone.

cat character:
- What you need to know, these cats do not tolerate injury and aggression on your part.
The animal will treat you negatively if you offend him.
This breed loves freedom and treats the host as an equal.
You won't be able to control it.

- The Ussuri cat is not hardworking and not very affectionate.
So do not expect that the animal will be happy to sit in your arms for a long time.
The pet is not this character.
A cat prefers to spend its free time alone, it will rarely amaze you with its attention.

- This breed should not start in the apartment, even in a large house you will rarely see your pet.
The cat will always ask on the street, it is interested in exploring and hunting.
Breeders recommend getting a pet to get rid of rodents in the house.
Ussuri will hunt these animals and birds.

- It is worth noting that the presented breed simply does not give in to training, so you need to adjust to this.
The cat does not tolerate excessive attention, especially from young children. So be extra careful.
Pet can fight back, will not tolerate it.
Therefore, you need to start ussuri in a private house with big children.

- Do not try to catch a cat with birds or rodents.
Ussuri will hunt them endlessly until he finds his way.
Experts also claim that such cats have fine intuition.
Therefore, there is no point in hiding other pets in a cage in a high closet.

Maintenance and Care:
- Remember that such pets are freedom-loving, so first of all you should have a private courtyard with its territory.
Ussuri simply cannot live in an ordinary apartment, and at any convenient moment she will run away.
Such pets are a little popular.

- The content of the cat is not picky and requires no effort on your part.
Just give your pet free access to the street.
Even the claw is not required.
The advantage of the breed is that they are clean.
Therefore, the house will not be damaged, and you will not see wool everywhere.

- Bathing this breed should only be necessary.
It is recommended to comb the animal about 5 times a month during the molting period.
In normal time enough for three times.
Mandatory behavioral prophylaxis against worms and necessary vaccinations.
In addition, the pet spends most of its time on the street.
You should not worry about the cat, because it has a sufficiently strong health.

This breed is recommended to start only in a country house and without small children.
The cat should have its own cozy corner.