Art Therapy for managing emotions during confinement

Art Therapy for managing emotions during confinement:

We explain how to use art-therapeutic strategies to help you in the event that compulsory confinement causes you anguish, loneliness, fear, anxiety or any emotion derived from the health contingency due to COVID-19.

Through the Eneyda Mental Health Committee of the Faculty of Medicine and Psychology (FMyP), an online talk was given with Dr. Lídice Figueroa Lewis, a professor at the Faculty of Arts, entitled: “Art therapy for managing emotions during confinement ”.

Dr. Lídice Figueroa mentioned that art therapy is a combination of art, therapy and education, which, in turn, is complex and close. “All human beings have that potential to create”

use art for therapeutic purposes:

He added: "There are many ways to use art for therapeutic purposes, there are those who use it occupationally, to prosecute problematic children, as an instrument to make a kind of projective tests, and art therapists fully use art"

In addition, he also mentions that painting is not an obligation; if you prefer you can dance, sing or simply listen to music, they are also a good start to relate to this type of therapy.

five protection factors:

Thus, he concluded "through these simple art practices we work on issues that are very valuable to the person because we develop something that are the five protection factors: developing security, connection, calm, building self-efficacy and cultivating creativity." hope”, which are fundamental factors to be able to go through these difficult times that require social distancing.