Development of motor skills between the first and third month of life

 Development of motor skills:

motor development:

Motor development  is the  progressive acquisition of skills that allow our baby to  maintain adequate control of posture, manual dexterity and learn to move on their own.

The environment or environment plays a fundamental role  because we know that  nutrition, health status and  psychological factors  are very important.   

Now, as we have talked about in previous articles, motor development includes gross motor development and fine motor development.  

gross motor development:

It refers to changes in the position of the body and the ability to control it to maintain balance, posture and movement, with which  our baby manages to control his head, sit without support, crawl, walk, jump running, climbing stairs, etc.  

fine motor development:

It is  related to the use of the individual parts of the body, such as the hands  and fingers; which requires oculomanual coordination  (between eyes and hands) to be able to carry out activities such as picking up toys, manipulating them, shaking objects, clapping, covering or uncovering objects, grasping very small things, twisting, until reaching levels of greater complexity as I wrote.

Like the development of other skills, there are certain developmental "milestones" that we should expect at certain ages of our baby.  

What should we expect from the 1st to the 3rd month in terms  of motor skills?

By three months of age, our baby should be able to hold his head up on his own  or  try  to get up from his tummy.

In addition, he must be able to move his arms and legs with ease. Regarding fine motor development,  he must be able to pick up or grasp objects with his hands.   

What are the warning signs?

We should be concerned if our baby does not put his hands in his mouth, is not able to grasp objects,  or  can not  hold his head up when he pushes his body up from his tummy .