Early stimulation of the newborn.. forms of stimulation with songs and games

Early stimulation of the newborn

It is a tool for the baby to learn to be interested in what surrounds him, (mobiles in cribs favor the development of sight; ambient music, hearing and emotional tranquility; textured toys, learning of the environment by through touch, among others), through activities that must be developed constantly, trying to make them fun and interesting for the child.
If there is no consistency in the activities, the child will not appropriate them or learn them.

Here are some forms of stimulation with songs and games:

1- Raise the arms:

up, down, in turns, movements in rotation of the shoulders. Raise the forearms up, down, in turns, movement above and below the shoulders, coordinated with grimacing movements of the face.

2- With closed hands (fists) or open or semi-closed:

perform wrist movements up or down and rotation movements alternately.

3- With the legs:

do movements in the form of a bicycle, exercises to shrug and stretch the legs.

Other activities that help stimulate the child are sounds, music, bright colors, teaching him to insert, remove, assemble and disassemble objects, repeat monosyllabic words such as Pa, Ma, Bu, No, among others, teach him to turn around, sit, be in a position for a period of time without forcing or hurting with the exercises only as far as the baby tolerates the activities, take into account his age.