emotional support for parents.. maintain emotional control of the person

emotional support for parents:

The emotional sphere is elemental in human development and, even more so, when a situation of crisis and/or suffering is experienced, knowing that a child has congenital heart disease and is going to undergo surgery; From the moment of admission to a hospital environment, a great emotional impact is experienced, influencing the psychic dynamics; family members have to deal with unknown people, with different cultures and norms, they stop being subjects to become objects of knowledge and the power of the doctor.

Objectives of emotional support provided to family members:

The emotional support provided to family members is aimed at maintaining a favorable perception that nurses use clear and simple language when responding to any concern, explain the procedures that are going to be explained to the family member, pay attention, and are attentive and understanding.

tips to maintain emotional control of the person:

Some tips to help maintain emotional control of the person are described below:
  • Try not to think about what worries you.
  • Take the time to control yourself.
  • take a deep breath.
  • Divert your attention to a specific subject.
  • do meditation.
  • Express your disagreement or find a way to vent.
  • Keep positive attitude, personal motivation.