How to stimulate motor development in my baby from 7 to 9 months?

Stimulate the motor development of the child:

In the previous article we talked about  motor  development in our baby from  7 to 9  months. In this article, we are going to talk about how to stimulate  this development.  

For the first stimulation session, we are going to need:

  •  Various objects such as toys, cushions, stuffed animals and others that do not represent a risk for our baby 
  •  A ball.
  •  Various wide and narrow mouth containers with various toys inside.
  •  Grains such as beans, peas or buttons, cotton, etc.
Let us begin!

First activity:

To stimulate the crawling movement, we will offer our baby a colorful toy that he likes, at a safe distance that allows him to move a little.

We are going to help him to adopt a crawling position and motivate him so that he can go in search of it.

Another way in which we can do this exercise is for the father or mother to sit on the floor with their legs slightly open, placing the toy on one side and the baby on the other, so that he or she must climb over them. and can reach it.  

Second activity:

We are going to place our baby in front of us sitting with legs slightly apart and fully extended and we are going to roll balls of different sizes towards him or her, one at a time asking him or her to return it to us. 

Third activity:

We place several striking toys in a container or box and we are going to ask our baby to take them out.

We will start with wide mouth containers, for example boxes, and gradually we will choose those with the narrowest mouth, for example jars.  

fourth activity:

We are going to carry out an exercise where we are going to stimulate the work of the clamp by picking up rice and different seeds or grains such as beans, peas, cotton, buttons, etc., always being very careful that our baby does not put them in his mouth to avoid the risk.

To add more difficulty, we can put the objects in a container and ask them to take them out of it one by one, indicating how to do it. 

some tips:

  •  Let 's teach our baby to get up when he is lying on his back, taking him by the hands and lifting him slowly until he can sit up ; and then help him  in the same way from this position  to  a standing position.
  •  Let 's provide our baby with various small objects and elements so that he can manipulate, hit, throw them, always being very aware of very small objects so that he does not put them in his mouth. We can offer you cubes to build towers.
  •  If possible, we can tie toys to a rope or rope (preferably those with wheels or that make noise) so that the child can pull them and move with them all over the place.
  •  We can offer our baby sheets of paper of different material, and motivate him to crumple or tear it.
To motivate our baby to stand up, we can place a striking toy or one that he likes a lot on a chair and thus motivate the baby to stand up with help and remain standing for as long as possible.