The Importance Of YourR Baby Sleeplng, Sleep Disorders And Frequently Asked Questions

The Importance Of YourR Baby Sleeplng, Sleep Disorders

Sleep is a state of relaxation in the body that is closely related to the health of your baby. Just as you read it! Sleep can influence your child's growth, development, behavior and emotions.

And that's not all: your baby having a good sleep habit can help strengthen the immune system, memory and synaptic efficiency.

irregularity in your baby's sleep

So that you better understand your baby's sleep; Keep in mind that sleep stages are constantly changing. For example: in the first 3 months, sleep begins with active sleep or REM (where the baby sleeps deeply, without whining or movement) but then between 3 and 6 months it is more common for your baby to have shallow sleep, where you wake up easily.

Sleep lasts 14 hours at 6 months, but by one year it decreases by one hour. And as he grows older, the number and duration of naps decreases by 82%, and children at 18 months are no longer napping.

Now, if you notice any irregularity in your baby's sleep, it is very important that you mention it to the pediatrician to attend to this problem as soon as possible. Navarro (2020), in his congress on sleep disturbances, mentions that your baby's sleep problems can be classified into 3 different ones: your child has a hard time falling asleep, abnormalities happen during sleep or he sleeps significantly during sleep. day.

However, you have to take into account what stage your baby is in to properly identify the problem and the sleep needs according to age.

An easy and quick way to know if your baby has slept well is through observation. If your son / daughter wakes up spontaneously and happily, she carries out the activities appropriate for her age, without looking exhausted or sleepy, she probably slept well.


Dr.  Eduard Estivill  , a pediatrician and specialist in Clinical Neurology, answers these frequently asked questions about babies' sleep *(to read the full interview, follow the link at the end).

What is the most appropriate place for the baby to sleep?  It is recommended that the child has his own room and sleeps in her crib.

Is it beneficial for the family that the baby sleeps with his parents?
It is much better for the baby to get used to sleeping in her own space. Parents believe that they need affection at night, when in fact, this affection is achieved while the child is awake.

At what age should a child be changed from crib to bed?

6 months is the ideal age at which to make such a transition.
Because at 6 months the mother returns to her working life and the child begins with her complementary feeding.

How can we teach our baby to sleep?

Maintaining your daily sleep routine. Through "sleep hygiene" we can better understand how to promote healthy sleep for our baby and prevent sleep disturbances.