The motor development of the baby between the fourth and sixth month of age

The motor development of the baby:

In this article we are going to talk about the motor development, both fine and gross, of our baby between the fourth and sixth month of age.

Motor development:

At this stage, our baby has acquired greater muscle strength and tone, has adapted to new situations and begins to generate curiosity to know and experience everything within their reach through touch .
Thus, between four and six months, our baby should be able to:
  •  Sit up unassisted.
  •  Transfer objects from one hand to the other.
  •  Lie on your abdomen with your legs extended.
  •  Roll over your body.
  •  Move your head in all directions when lying down.
  •  Raise your head and shoulders correctly when on your back.
  •  Put your feet in your mouth and suck on your toes.
  •  Keep your head up when you sit.
  •  Hold the bottle with one or two hands.
  •  Grasp small objects between your index finger and thumb.
  •  Pick up dangling objects and bring them to your mouth.
  •  Reach for objects with one or both hands, and transfer them from one hand to another.
  •  Freely turn your head.
  •  Wobble if you sit on a chair.
  •  start clapping.
  •  If you drop a toy, reach out to.
  •  catch it.
  •  Push off with your legs when your feet are on a firm surface.
  •  Turn over and face up when face down.

warning signs:

Also, we must be attentive to recognize some warning signs and notify our pediatrician if our baby is 6 months old:
  •  Has difficulty staying seated without help.
  •  He is unable to hold his head up alone.
  •  Fails to grasp objects with hands or does not even try.
  •  He doesn't put things in his mouth.
  •  Does not push with the feet when on a hard surface.