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Tips To Manage Parental Stress:

parental stress can be defined as a state in which parents feel overwhelmed by their tasks, being victims of high levels of stress that can affect the upbringing of children or even other spheres of their personal life (work, partner, among others.) (Abidin, 1992) For this, it is important to analyze how these moments of overwhelming stress are assumed, that is:

What strategies and processes am I employing as a parent when dealing with these highly stressful situations?

Generally, parents who are victims of stress tend to face these situations impulsively, which often leads to punitive punishments or even beatings.

If the answer to this question made you doubt how you are handling the stress that developing your role as a father can generate, here are some TIPS so that you understand and handle these episodes much better:


Parenting is hard. It generates stress. Whether you're a new parent or this is your third child, daily chores will wear you down.
Allowing yourself to recognize that situations are stressful is the first step in finding a solution to this.


Yes, sometimes our children make mistakes, lots of mistakes. But condemning them will only keep them committed.

It is important to correct them in the hope that next time things will turn out better. A positive attitude towards your child can help motivate him to improve.


We have heard this on many occasions, that is why it is so important.
Children will reflect in their behavior, things they learn during their upbringing.

If they surround themselves with an environment that allows dialogue when solving problems, they will most certainly be able to talk to you before arguing or behaving badly, thus avoiding highly stressful events.


Bad experiences leave the greatest teachings. If you have learned that there are situations that put you in situations of overwhelming stress, next time you will have a better idea of ​​how to deal with said situation.


no, not just for you. For your baby. Self-control is not an innate faculty.
And teaching your child how to control her emotions will help you in the future, not only because you will prevent many highly stressful situations, but also because a correct expression of emotions is essential when it comes to becoming an adult.


Although many of us hate this word, routine can actually help you keep your life in order and even organize yourself to have time where you can rest from the activities that involve being a parent.

7- HELP:

Asking for help is never wrong. Remember that parenting is a team effort and should not fall solely under the responsibility of one of the parents or main caregivers of your child.

Dividing tasks or asking a friend or relative for help does not mean that you are insufficient. You are human, don't forget.


Remember that there are activities that can help you combat stress and it is recommended that you perform one of the common methods.
You can go for walks, practice meditation, paint or draw, read or have a space just for you where you can rest.

Finally, keep in mind that parental stress is highly associated with aggressive behavior in children and can even cause psychological problems.
All this can be prevented by using strategies that help you make your life as a parent and your child's life easier.