What should I monitor for my child with heart disease?.. Immunizations. vaccinations

What should I monitor for my child with heart disease?

Immunizations / Shots:

The child must receive all vaccinations, his heart condition is not a condition that contraindicates vaccinations.

Delaying vaccination:

The vaccination schedule of the Expanded Immunization Plan (EPI) should be maintained, considering the use of a-cellular type vaccines due to their lower association with side effects that can potentially destabilize these fragile patients.

Delaying vaccination will only be considered in patients with extreme vulnerability, with diseases with a significant impact on the immune system, such as DiGeorge Syndrome, which is frequently associated with some heart diseases that may require palliative management, specifically malformations known as cone-truncal, example: Truncus Arteriosus, Tetralogy of Fallot, Tetralogy of Fallot with Pulmonary Atresia.

Prior to vaccination, parents should remember the following points:
  • Prior to vaccination, they must notify the program, to schedule a video call and review aspects of vaccination such as the vaccines to be administered, possible effects and preventive measures to be taken.
  • Prophylactic administration of Acetaminophen will be indicated on the day of vaccination and the following day to reduce symptoms.

local symptoms:

The dose will be agreed during the video call, according to the child's weight.
Remember that children may present symptoms such as: fever, irritability, which are usually brief, or local symptoms at the vaccination site such as transient sensitivity.

The persistence of the previously described symptoms without improvement with Acetaminophen, the appearance of progressive swelling and redness at the vaccination site are reasons to contact the program and consult the local service.