Technology's impact on children.. The pros and cons of children's use of electronic devices and technology

The impact of technology on children:

There is no doubt that you have noticed the impact of technology on raising children and that your child’s lifestyle has changed and addiction to the use of electronic devices has become more than anything else, which negatively affects your child and his life.

The negative effects of technology:

So learn about the impact of technology on children, and the most prominent negative effects of technology are:

Exposure to obesity:

Your child who is addicted to using technology may become more likely to gain weight as a result of sitting for long hours to play on smart devices.

superficial thinking:

Your child's addiction to using them makes him think about things in a superficial way and keeps him away from deep thinking and creativity.

Damage to his social relationships:

As the child gets preoccupied with electronic games and forgets his interaction with his peers and his response to them.

hinder ability to learn:

Addiction to these devices hinders learning basic things such as walking, talking, playing ball, eating and more.

Prevent your child from practicing his outdoor activities:

His preoccupation with electronics prevents him from playing sports and playing with peers.

learn violence:

Your child playing violent games on his devices makes him develop his aggressive nature as well as practicing violence with you and his peers.

Study retreat:

The use of tablets reduces concentration while studying.

Your child's ill health:

Excessive exposure of your child to electronic gadgets leads to ill health such as poor eyesight, neck pain, and others.

Advantages of electronic devices for children:

Children’s use of electronic devices and technology in moderation ensures that many benefits will be achieved, most notably:

Enhance learning ability:

If your child is under five years old, using electronic devices in moderation helps to enhance their ability to learn and speak, and visual representation can be useful to increase their senses.

Enhance analysis skills:

Your child's practice of some electronic games enhances cognitive learning and analytical skills (password), and this helps your child increase his innovative ideas and strategic thinking.

Decision-making and implementation skills:

Some of the video games your child uses are based on time and speed, such as arranging the cubes before the time runs out. These games teach your child to make decisions and implement them quickly.

Controlling children's use of electronic devices and technology:

In the age of technology, it is difficult for you to prevent your child from using electronic devices. Therefore, you can control children's use of electronic devices and technology through the following to get the benefits of the impact of technology on children and adolescents:
  • Limit your child's daily use of electronic devices while respecting when your child prefers to use them (morning, afternoon or evening).
  • Explain to your child the negative effects of addiction to smart devices.
  • Encourage your child to go out and play with peers in the park.
  • Teach your child to use tablets in a meaningful way, such as watching a useful children's program or sending a message to a friend on social media.
  • Use electronic devices in moderation so that your child can imitate you, as you are a role model for him.
  • Try to find out why your child wants to use electronic devices.
  • Don't put electronic devices in your child's room.
  • Use parental controls to limit exposure to violence and pornography.
  • Teach your child games away from technology, such as playing ball and swimming with peers, which will help him limit its use.

Apps that allow you to control your child's use of technology:

You can monitor your child's use of electronic devices as well as the use of the Internet through a set of applications for smartphones running iPhone or Android for parents, including:

Dinner Time Parental Control App:

This app restricts the time your child can use their smartphone, you can pause your child's activity on your Android smartphone or tablet; So he can focus on things like homework as well as exercise and family time.

Once the device is paused, all functionality on their device is blocked, including the ability to send texts and play with apps.

To use the app, install it on your child's device and enter your phone number to link the two devices. You can then set specific break times ranging from 30 minutes to three hours, at which point the device will shut down, and a countdown screen displayed on the child's device will show when it can be used again.

Dinner Time Plus app:

A free app that allows you to manage the apps your child uses and see the apps they use in real time. You can also purchase detailed reports, which determine how much time kids spend on certain apps and how often they use them.

Screen Time app:

It allows you to press a button on your child's phone to prevent them from using it. You can also set daily time limits for certain apps. The Android app requires a $3.99 per month subscription.

Do not prevent your child from using electronics to benefit from the impact of technology on children, as it is the language of the times, but let him use it in moderation, under your eyes and with your supervision, and spend more time with your child, play with him, teach him some skills and hobbies that have nothing to do with technology, and tell him about the fun of playing with friends in the air Thus, you will ensure that your child will pick up the positives of technology and avoid its negatives.