Protection program for children YouTubers.. Videos that are not suitable for children, such as pornographic and extremist clips

Steps to protect children while browsing YouTube:

After the YouTube company was subjected to a lot of criticism during the last period due to the presence of videos that are not suitable for children, especially pornographic clips, which made many brands spread strongly on YouTube, and therefore there are some steps that you will take to protect children by following these steps:

  • In the beginning, you will go to the filters and enter the settings in the upper corner with activating the option called “restrictive filter”, which allows Google to remove all bad pornographic videos that appear to children and that are not suitable for them.
  • Stay away from suggested videos that may include videos that are inappropriate for their age, and you can stop this matter through some Google or Firefox add-ons.
  • You can download an ad blocker program that protects your children from suggested ads and some outgoing clips. These ads appear constantly, so you must stop them, so the child is not exposed to bad ads.
  • You can create “Playlist” lists, which is a list of what the child prefers, which he will only see by pressing the + sign, and add everything you want after that very easily.
  • YouTube is also not suitable for children without the knowledge of their parents, despite the fact that there are programs for children, which are completely the most popular, and if your child is under 13 years old, you should not allow your child to use YouTube.

Protecting children from YouTube:

The YouTube service is one of the free services for all social groups and different ages, and it is a great place for learning, but there are some videos and advertisements that are offensive and unsuitable for children that appear unconsciously, and no one knows that such videos appear to children.

But the quality of the video that appears to children is not appropriate for them, but the interest and taste of your child must be present in a large way, and selecting the content is the most important thing for you, and it is possible for your child to show some pornographic clips that are directed to adults, but children fall into them.

Ways to protect children from YouTube:

  • Using the restricted mode through which inappropriate videos are hidden and reported by users, and therefore the videos will be unsafe and you will go to the settings and activate the restricted mode, which is an additional step to protect children.
  • You can download the YouTube Kids application, which is directed only to children in particular, and combines videos and channels for children and cares for the child, whether it is educational, entertainment, or animation. With this application, you can remove everything that is bad for your child, and it is one of the applications that is characterized by a very simple design and aims to protect The child is one of the bad and porn videos.
  • Download the new Kids Tube application, which is the easy and important way to protect your child from bad programs and advertisements that the child should not see. It is concerned with the simple design of the Arab child and there are some children's channels such as Karamish and Birds of Paradise and many other channels that children love away from programs and channels Bad things that encourage children to violence and badly offend others.