The effect of television screen, mobile phone and computer on child development

The effect of screens on the child:

The TV screen, mobile phone and computer affect the development of the child until the age of 10 years.
A child is a person who feels, sees, hears, and a lot of focus on the actions, movements, and looks of those around him. Starting from birth until the age of 10 or 12 years, there are reactions specific to this age group, so the child tries to imitate those around him in movements, actions, and looks. The amount of dealing with him properly will be his growth and movements and his gradual habituation to speaking naturally.

Character build age:

Starting from the age of two years to the limits of 4 or 5 years, the age of building the personality and ego, expressing desires, starting to speak, responding when talking to him, looking into his eyes, starting to name things by their names, and introducing the child to these things.
And getting used to movement, walking, running, jumping and playing to get to know the surroundings and touching things with his hand to get to know them and to activate the muscles of the hand and get them used to writing in the future.
And speaking to identify the colors and numbers and things around him and pronounce their names.
And the people around the child must accustom him to this because it is the most important period of time to qualify the child for the future, because if he learns the language and communication, he will be able to build his personality and express his love and hatred for things.
Language, movement and social communication must be developed.
From the age of 5 years to 10 and 12 years is the age to qualify for study to learn writing and draw a relationship between it and the paper and pen.
At this age, the child should be asked about his states of joy and sadness, and most of his attention-grabbing behaviors in order to get closer to him and understand him more.

Screen damage:

The entry of the screen into the life of the child contributed to many changes because it contains a lot of movement, colors, sounds, music and most of the things that attract the attention of the child. Therefore, from birth to the age of two years, the child must be removed from the screen permanently, because in this particular period the child must be accustomed to communication With the environment and getting used to speech and the way of pronouncing letters and words and their meanings, it is necessary to talk to the child at this age because he understands us and hears us.

Between the ages of 3, 4 and 5 years:

When leaving a child in front of a TV or computer screen, he seeks to integrate into that imaginary virtual world without the awareness of the parents of the danger of this world, which distances him from reality and truth.
Imagination exists in all children, and normal imagination helps him to develop intelligence, while imaginary imagination is very dangerous because the child builds a world of his own, far from reality, with fake voices and characters, and becomes unable to respond to calls by his name because he is immersed in his virtual world.
Even the emotional interaction becomes with his emotional world and has nothing to do with real emotions.

Speech delay:

Speech delay is a result of the child's rejection of the protective world and his attachment to his imaginary world because he is affected by the screen and the language that connects him to its world because he has become affected by something fixed, which is the screen.
This results in a delay in speech and social communication, lack of response when talking to him, reaching the stage of autism, and damage to the eye by not being able to focus as a result of damage to the eye muscles, and thus the inability to study and receive, which affects behavior that becomes aggressive and Violent inability to express
Also, excessive movement, the desire to stay away from people, difficulty in choosing, and personality disorder.


  • Keep the child away from the screen permanently at the age between birth and two years.
  • At the age of between 3, 4 and 5 years, the process of the child watching the screen becomes monitored between half an hour or 45 minutes, but with the supervision of the guardian by participating in the viewing process and engaging in conversation with him to inform him of the negative and the positive.
  • Playing with children.
  • Enabling the child to choose colors, dress up games... and respect his choices
  • His participation in the choices of parents and their lives.