The impact of the mobile phone on children, is your son a child of screens?

Exposing the child to screens:

The child should not be exposed to screens such as mobile phones, televisions, electronic tablets... before the age of 3 years, as they cause many harms, including delay in the speech and pronunciation processes, as the child cannot understand the information and express it. hypothetical. It also becomes antisocial.

baby monitors:

Screen children whose language is incomprehensible and have a special melody as if they were robots, like cartoon characters. Many studies confirmed that children exposed to electronic screens suffer from sleep disturbances and insomnia. This leads to a lack of focus and attention, and the child is indifferent to many details around him. His thinking is limited and incapable of creativity. Frequent electronic use of mobile devices is also linked to behavioral problems, as the child is very aggressive through being influenced by characters in electronic games or characters in animated pictures.

The negative effect of electronic screens is according to the age stage. In the school stage, its effect is through poor school performance, and the child or student becomes unable to concentrate and has relative problems in memory (near or distant memory, for example, memorization).

Through his use of the Internet, the child is exposed to inappropriate materials. There are several other disadvantages, as spending a lot of time in front of the screen causes eye strain

When should we allow a child to be exposed to screens?

It is preferable to allow the child to watch screens after the age of 4 years and not to leave them for a long time.

And he should accompany the parents and talk to him. The same applies to mobile phones or electronic screens. The child must be under constant monitoring, and he must be dialogued with and made aware of these harms.